Sebastiano Fichera

Dr Sebastiano Fichera is a Lecturer in Aerospace Engineering and has a keen interest in linear and non-linear aeroelasticity and active control. 

Dr Sebastiano Fichera teaches in two disciplines including:

Aerostructures: Introducing advanced aspects of structural analysis, relating the mathematical concepts to airframe designs and industrial practice.

Aircraft Design: Aerospace Design to enable the students to analyse, discuss and design the components of general aviation and large civil aircraft.

Areas of expertise include:

  • Aeroelastic model design (featuring complex interactions of aero- and structural dynamics as well as actuation and sensing)
  • Wind tunnel testing
  • Active control in real time environments
  • Morphing systems

Sebastiano is also a co-founder and technical director for Robotiz3d Ltd, a University of Liverpool spinoff that develops robotics solutions for the construction industry.

His main research collaborations is with Airbus (both across Spain and the UK).