Place, People
and Practice

Our location places us at the heart of Liverpool City Region’s Knowledge Quarter, and facilities provide an unmatched collection of the latest robotic, immersive and autonomous systems hardware.


The Digital Innovation Facility is a unique environment that brings together leading scientists and engineers from one of the UK’s top research universities to deliver high impact industrial innovation.

Our approach and practice break with the convention of traditional incubators, accelerators, foundries and venture capital led startup programmes.

Whether you are an entrepreneurial startup, mature SME or intrapreneurial blue-chip leader, the Digital Innovation Facility provides access to the latest hardware. This is paired with the technical expertise to operate it and the intellectual capacity and vision to deploy it to help you solve your most complex challenges or realise your most ambitious vision.

Enterprise Eco-System

The Digital Innovation Facility, through its Virtual Engineering Centre, delivers a proven capability to create and sustain diverse enterprise eco-systems. Since its formation in 2010, the Virtual Engineering Centre has supported over 800 SMEs and 80 startup businesses to develop hundreds of new products and processes faster, smarter and more cheaply.

Working with our partners across government, industry finance and research, the Digital Innovation Facility will deliver a new framework for entrepreneurs and investors to both de-risk and accelerate their business and product journey from idea to MVP to scale up.

Centre of the New Network for Innovation in the North West
The Digital Innovation Facility, it’s laboratories and researchers provide unique access to an extensive range of powerful networks that span science, engineering and enterprise to government and industry. Our approach employs the power of networks to help innovators realise their maximum potential.